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The Stress of Press Release

Today, 8/7/12, I took off from work to participate in the New York International Fringe Festival's annual press release.  It's such an exciting thing to be invited as there are close to 200 shows in FringeNYC and we have an extremely tight marketing budget.  Only about 8 shows get to participate in this event to give several media outlets an idea of what will be served up at the various downtown Manhattan venues during its Aug. 10th-Aug. 26th run.

This particular version of "Linda Means to Wait" will debut in this year's Fringe, so we were likely (as in, definitely) invited because of my director's familiar face.

Public RELATIONships

On Monday, 8/6/12, I woke up early (about 5:45am) and nervous in anticipation of a planned meeting I was to attend in Harlem at the Harlem Arts Alliance's monthly meeting.  This is a monthly event where Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA) members can network, meet old friends, make new ones, and find out what's happening on the artistic front in New York City.

It had been recommended to me by a dear, Afro-connected man-about-town, Kojo, that I go and perform an excerpt from my show to let people in the community know about my upcoming performances (8/11-8/25) and to give them a taste of what the show is like.
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