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"On Hold"

One of the things I don't like about being put "On Hold" after auditioning for a part is because of how it feels.  For those who don't know the term, this is what happens when you audition for a role in television or film and the casting team likes you, but aren't sure they're going to go with you.  They're asking you to be available on their shooting schedule (for your character) in case they cast you.  So, it's good news, right?  Sort of.

As an actor, we want to be liked, so it's good being put on hold because it means that the director likes you.

Taking an Audition Day

Today, I've taken off from work.  I rarely use my vacation or sick days as I want to have them available for auditions or filming days when I book acting work (I should say "if").  

One of the challenges of the Actor's Journey is stabilizing your income, your personal relationships, and your performance career.  If acting work doesn't come steadily enough for your income to be counted on, it's foolhardy to stave off other things in your life, just "in case.
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