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Dealing With Disappointment

Well, it has been quite awhile since I've written anything, but this day after Thanksgiving has brought out the reflection in me.

Yesterday, was a nice, easy Thanksgiving, where we had my in-laws and a few friends over.  We ate, reminisced, looked at pictures, shared self-penned songs, drew some, and even got someone to play the guitar.

What is there not to be grateful for?  Oh yeah, let-downs.  A few weeks back, October 26 to be exact, was to be the air date for my "Made in Jersey" episode.

I Just Love to Have Someone Shop For Me!

Today, I went to work at my day job, where we had several meetings in preparation for some changes in our systems.  The meetings weren't that exciting, but knowing that I'd be off on Friday doing an acting gig for the new show, "Made in Jersey" made it bearable.

The costume department was gracious enough to let me do my fitting in Brooklyn after work.  After calling for my sizes, colors, and favorite stores - I must say, the wardrobe folks picked out some doozies!  I really like the outfits they chose for me.
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