Linda Means to Wait - When life knocks you off beat listen in and follow the rhythm!
“I love the roller coaster ride it takes us on.  I'm particularly touched with the story of the father.  As immigrants, we can feel like outsiders (of America) looking in, but the show made me realize that others can relate.  It's a wonderful story about family and reminds us to appreciate them because sometimes they're all we've got.”
Ouida Chambers
“The show was very entertaining.  I laughed and I cried.”
Rachel Norris
"'Linda Means to Wait' makes me think of my family.  It made me happy to know that others can relate to how I felt growing up."
Bruce Flowers
"'Linda Means to Wait' is real, "relatable", soul-searching, enlightening, inspiring and faith-building!  Here's this woman who shares her life and lets us feel a part of it.  She lets us in."
Kedist Beckford
"'Linda Means to Wait' means to tickle your heart and move your very soul and it succeeds in every way!  You will laugh with her. You will cry with her, but most of all you will wait for her.  Linda Sithole (Kuriloff) is absolutely worth waiting for!"
Darlene Bel Grayson
"It taught me about the depth of the human spirit."
Mario Pinardo
"I was warmed by [Linda's] profound love and understanding of [her] father.  I was honored to be given a window from which to view a culture within America heretofore not heard from or seen.  It was a fresh way of looking at my own experience in Black America, having several of the same reference points as [Linda], but without that added layer.  And yet, it was very specifically [Linda's] experience, which is, of course, what made it universal.  It made me hearken to my time spent in Africa when I was of an 'other' culture operating within the norms of that place.  It gave my journey a deeper resonance.  And I will hear [her] mournful call for years to come."
Shona Tucker
"The show was beautiful and moving.  I learned a lot that I didn't know.  I found it funny.  It was a joy to watch!  It really was!"
Cherene Snow
"It's an educational, musical tour de force with laugh-out-loud and cry-out-loud mediums!"
Iris Aay
"I thought the show was heart-warming and very special.  It made me appreciate my family.  I'm definitely bringing other people to see it."
Christine Hall
"'Linda Means to Wait' is not to be missed!  [Linda] is the consummate entertainer capturing your heart and delivering delicacies to feed every emotion from ecstatic laughter to deeply sincere compassion as you willingly accompany her on an autobiographical journey through life and love that leaves the soul uplifted and thoroughly inspired."
Damita Sya'yre
"Pieces of [Linda's] story will keep coming back to us for years, and very possibly for the rest of our lives."
John Melody and wife
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